Sharing Fond Moments with Everyone

My father paid for a Windows VPS for the whole family to use. Since everyone in my family shares a lot of files between each other, he decided it would be a good idea just to put everything in one place and let everyone have access to the server whenever they needed it. My father prefers to use the server over something like a social media site because he doesn’t want to set up an account with the various sites. He also doesn’t want the sites to have all of his personal information. Not to mention, the sites have limitations on what can be uploaded as well.

A few months ago, there was a family reunion for my family, and everyone took a lot of pictures. My father uploaded all of the pictures that we took and put them on the VPS for everyone to see. Most of the people in our family didn’t know how to use the VPS, because they weren’t reallytechsavvy, but their kids were able to figure it out. My father used an expensive camera to take his pictures, so he had a lot of uncompressed photos with huge file sizes. Everyone who downloaded the pictures thought they had been taken by a professional photographer.

My father also put videos from the family reunion on the VPS as well. He uploaded enough files to fill an entire Blu-Ray disc. One of my cousins does film editing and he downloaded the videos and spliced them together to make a video that he uploaded to the VPS. It was a well edited video and it was pretty touching. Thinking about all of the people who came to the reunion and how much fun we had really brought a tear to my eye. It’s a good thing we can share these moments for years to come.

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