Serviced Offices for Rent in Asia

I would like for my company to expand into Asian markets more, because I think that there could be a lot of value in doing so. It is a market that my company has not really tapped in the past, and at the moment, we only have one contract with a company located in Asia. However, we are currently in negotiations with other companies, and I would like to look into asia serviced offices that are currently for rent. I want find an office to rent quickly, because I think that it could be key to having current negotiations work out in our favor.

I know that these businesses, which we are currently negotiating with, would be much more likely to do business with my company, if we were to have an office in Asia. I am looking at Singapore right now, as a place to open an office. That is probably the ideal spot for now, but we may need to open other offices, in other countries located in Asia in the future. That is something that would probably be a few years down the road though, and not something that is imminent.

I hope to find serviced offices for rent, in particular, because that would be immensely more convenient for my business. It would take care of a lot of things, that otherwise, we would have to provide on our own, such as IT support, and hiring someone to answer calls. Of course, my employees could answer calls, but I think that it is best that they are not bothered with such tasks. I pay them a bit too much to do simple tasks like answering the phone, and their time is valuable to me. I just need to try to get a grasp, as to how much serviced offices cost.

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