Road trips using cars have recently become a trend in society. The road trip does always have its own sensation in adventure using a car. Some reasons to try a road trip at least once a lifetime often appears in everyone’s minds. Want to try it? Adventure using cars seems to have been loved by many people lately. The reason may be simply because you want to be freer without dependence on public transportation such as buses, trains or planes. With a road trip, you are free to visit various places without the need to race against time. The best place for you to do it is in California. You may wonder why you should do road trip locations in California. Well, we have the answer. We make sure that it will be simple road trip so it could be good for the first timer in road trip.


Road trip by car in California, of course, you will have many destinations that you can make a place for adventure. For example, when you decide to go to California by public transportation, your roaming location will be more limited. That is why it is better for you to travel by car. The goal is the same, but the difference is that the range of your exploration will be more. With the same purpose, you might be able to stop in several cities and other destinations before finally arriving in California and then you can continue to explore California in other days of course with better plans and itinerary.

There is the fastest way to understand the culture of the United States without breaking its history. That is, by carrying out a road trip in America. For the type of vehicle, you can choose between a motorbike or a car. All depends on the road and the route you will travel. It is better to rent a car for a long route like California so you don’t need to be tired of bus. Well, here are recommendations for the route that you can choose if you will do a road trip in America. The route for this route is around 653 miles. The journey starts from Dana Point in the Orange District to Leggett in the Mendocino District. The keys to this route are in San Simeon, Malibu, Big Sur, San Luis Obispo, Monterey where Big Little Lies are filmed, and The Golden Gate Bridge. This is the longest route in California, precisely from the north to the south end. Enjoy the trip and learn American culture from there.


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