Real Human Hair Sells Well

There really is an industry for everything out there. I’ve grown up with the web and have enjoyed watching online communities come together. Being part of a rather niche community myself, it’s fun to see what sort of ideas or hobbies are inspiring enough to warrant a community of like minded individuals to self-organize around it. Even if it’s for something like curly hair extensions – yes, an entire community devoted to having curly hair, buying and selling hair and the even taking care of it. I’m not exactly surprised that it exists; why shouldn’t it? If anything, the Internet has shown us that we’re eager to socialize about any topic even the most obscure and the most niche of them all.

I will still admit to a certain amount of surprise to discover a market place that’s devoted to the buying and selling of hair. I didn’t think that was such a thing, truth be told. I’ve heard of donating hair but why would anyone want to buy hair? The answer can be found once you take a step back from the community and look for the money. Nearly each community has financial concerns and when the community is so focused on a single idea or hobby it only makes sense that they’ll seek to capitalize on the thing that they enjoy most.

There are plenty of women out there who love hair extensions but synthetic hair can only do so much for them. Perhaps they’re not a fan of synthetic hair. Maybe it doesn’t mesh well with their own natural hair – it’s apparently easier to find a hair of their exact type rather than depend on a synthetic version that will clash awfully. With real, actual human hair they can blend it into the weave without anyone the wiser.

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