Moving the Car is Difficult

I learned that moving across the country is not as challenging as you may think if you are organized. When I found out that my company was moving from Boston to Los Angeles, I was really scared because I knew that there were so many different changes that I was going to have to make. The coasts were really different but I was most looking forward to the warm weather that they have pretty much year round. I had to look for a way to have my car sent across the country so was able to help me figure out a price to have my car moved. I wanted to make sure that my car was not going to be driven by a stranger and that it was going to be transported in a truck that was closed on all of its sides, it was really important to me.

My family told me that they did not think that it was a lot of money after I told them that I was paying a certain amount. In fact, my dad said that he did not think that I would be able to hire someone for the same price to drive my car across the country. I did not want to drive across country because I only had two weeks to set up in my new house, get my kids into their new school, and figure out where everything was in my area. It was not like I was moving from one state in New England to the next, I was moving to an entirely different part of the United States. I was really happy that everything went well with the move and I really like my new house and my new neighbors, while I can still have my old car.

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