Internet Services and Deals from Suddenlink

Suddenlink Selects NetCracker for Customer Management and CRM ...I am thinking about getting a new internet service provider, because I am not very thrilled with the way that my old internet service provider has been treating me, and it is like they kind of just assume that I am going to stick around and be their customer, regardless of the way that they treat me. Well, I’m not going to stand for this nonsense no more. I am going to talk to Suddenlink and see what sort of prices they have for their internet, because if they want to give me a decent connection for a fair price, then I would be more than happy to jump on board with them, and to leave my old provider behind in the dust.

They have some deals that I am looking at right now, and to be honest, some of these deals look like they would work for me. I need to figure out something soon though, because I can’t have it that I would be without internet for too long, because I am trying to make my own website right now, and I do not want to have deal with loss of internet connection.

I update the site on a regular basis, and it is a cooking site. I am making a lot of recipes right now, testing them out, taping me making the recipes, and all sorts of fun stuff like that. It should be a good website, and I will be proud of it, when it is done, regardless of how it turns out in terms of the number of people that will use it. But I am cautiously optimistic that it will also be a pretty popular website once everything is said and done. I do not intend to give up on this project until the end.

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