I Needed the Help of Roofing Pros Quickly

I bought small building in a nearby building about six months ago. I plan to run a convenience store out of it. I have always wanted to be my very own boss. I had someone appraise the praise before I purchased it, and he said that the owner would find someone to do roof installation in NYC for me prior to my agreeing to buy the place. When the work was done, I was told everything was fine, and then I rushed to put in my offer on the building. When I became the owner, that was the happiest day of my life.

After being handed the keys to the place, I spent about three weeks getting the place cleaned up. I needed to save as much money as possible, so rather than paying a commercial cleaning company to do it, I did everything myself. When I finally finished the job, I was exhausted.

When the roof started leaking just a couple of weeks later, I was not amused. I had been told the work up there had been done and there was nothing to worry about. But come to find out, the previous owner didn’t have an expert do the work. He did the work himself! He obviously did not do a good job. Of course, I would need to see what sort of recourse I had, but in the meantime, I also needed to do something about getting my roof fixed immediately. I could work out what sort of compensation was necessary from the previous owner afterward.

After making quite a number of calls last Saturday morning, I then had some quotes to look over. I chose the place that had a lot of great reviews online, and they go everything fixed for me quickly. They also pointed out just how little the owner did to actually fix the roof. They fixed everything that he did not. Luckily, ther are pros around that can fix what other people do incorrectly.

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