I Am Looking for Special Touches for My Wedding

I just turned 38 years old last January. My age is significant because I am someone who chose to not marry in my twenties, and I just got engaged this year. All of my friends did marry that young. But I saw how many of them were still not fully mature yet, so their marriages struggled. At least 50 percent of my friends ended up divorced by the time they were 30. So, I waited for the right person. Mom said that we should do some special touches, such as getting ketubahs and more for my wedding. I had never heard of them before, and told her I would look into it when I had more time to do so. My wedding day is 11 months from now, and mom said that it really takes at least 12 months to plan a big wedding, so the pressure is already on.

The first thing mom and I began to work on is the number of people I would be inviting to my wedding. I stated up front that I really did not want a huge wedding. I would prefer to keep the number of guests around 30 people at most. I immediately got to work on the guest list. But that she still wanted this wedding to be special and said that I needed to start looking at specialty items for the wedding as soon as I was done.

I figured I would multi-task, so while I worked on the invite list, I looked up the ketubahs that my mother said I should get. I found them online and they are beautiful! Simply put, they are handcrafted agreements that go into a frame and the text on them lays out the bride and groom’s responsibilities to one another throughout their marriage.

Ketubahs are finely crafted prenuptial agreements that state what the groom’s obligations, responsibilities, and rights will be in terms of his marital relationship to his wife. They represent the commitment that each partner is making in a marriage, and represent a promise that the spouses will abide by the words within. They are so pretty that I found myself wanting to hurry with the guest list so that I could begin working on what I wanted our handmade agreement to look like!

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