Forcing the Change That Must Occur

With the incoming changes to Internet Service Providers, we’re finally going to be placed into a position as consumers where we can capitalize on the services that matter most to us – choices. It’s ridiculous that we have come to this point in time where we have so few choices in regards to having a reliable ISP that the FCC has had to physically step in to take the issue into their own hands. It’s clear that things are far worse than they appear on the surface; the entire infrastructure of the Internet is failing because of the cable companies.

When the FCC roll out takes effect we’re going to see huge changes in how ISPs operate and how many ISPs we’re actually going to have available to us. This means we’re going to have choices; something that hasn’t happened in recent memory. Something that needs to happen in order for us to be successful as a country and competitive as a nation. Even on the level of a city or a state there needs to be an established communication infrastructure and with the Internet being the primary communication medium we are in dire need of high quality connections.

The Cable industry has set back the entirety of the United States. Something like that, the fact that they are doing so purely for profit, is a clear sign of just how dangerous the corporate fraternity has really become. In their greed they have allowed the communication infrastructure to suffer set back after set back just so they can cash in. It’s time for a change, America. It’s time to cease allowing the corporate oligarchy to weaken our nation. They have done nothing for us while they avoid paying the taxes that is owed to the country that hosts them on their soil.

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