DVR Options Available with Direct TV

I am in the process of canceling my cable television service, and I will need to find something to replace it in the near future. I am pretty sure that I am going to go with Direct TV, but I am in going to need to learn more about the details of their services. I am interested in learning about the options they have for DVR services. I definitely want to be able to have a good DVR device, since I am away from home a lot. I am reading about direct tv genie right now, and I guess that it is a new DVR service that they have available for their customers. I had not heard of it before, until just recently.

One of my friends just switched to Direct TV, and I guess that they got the Direct TV genie as part of switching over. I am not sure if it comes standard with every package for Direct TV, or if it is something that you have to pay extra for. It would be nice if the former were true, but even if that is not the case, I would probably be willing to pay for it, as long as it does not cost too much extra.

I work overnight a lot of the time, and that is the main reason why I have such needs for a DVR. I need to get a DVR service that is capable of recording television shows that air in HDTV. I do not like to watch standard definition television anymore, and I think that it is bad for the eyes. I can’t prove that to be the case, but it sure seems like it, in retrospect. I am glad the next generation will not have to deal with sub-par television resolution.

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