A New Look at Social Media

When delving into the world of professional social media, I began to explore the various methods that I could utilize in order to make an income through. I discovered that there are a diverse number of platforms in which users have been able to create a name for themselves by offering new, fresh and unique content which helps drive a site’s popularity. I began to look more closely at Instagram and the number of Instagram followers that some of the top users had to see just how many followers were necessary in order to be considered a power user who has the potential to earn an income.

I find it fascinating that the need for content, the lifeblood of any site that wishes to remain relevant in a modern web, has been satisfied in part by the very users who frequent those social media platforms. In turn this makes me curious as to whether the current social media models are fairly treating their users as they should be. Without the users there would be almost no available content for users to engage each other with. Facebook, for instance, only provides the space while the users provide everything else; yet it is Facebook who turns a profit.

It seems as if the users should be able to have a return of the profits as well based on a content created criteria as well as how much that content was engaged with – much in the same way that YouTube and Twitch now offer their users. Both of these social platforms have helped launch the careers of Internet personalities as well as having the benefit of allowing those with little to no startup capital beyond a streaming-capable webcam to earn an income which is certainly nothing to balk at! It will be interesting to see future models of social platforms.

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