Sharing Fond Moments with Everyone

My father paid for a Windows VPS for the whole family to use. Since everyone in my family shares a lot of files between each other, he decided it would be a good idea just to put everything in one place and let everyone have access to the server whenever they needed it. My father prefers to use the server over something like a social media site because he doesn’t want to set up an account with the various sites. He also doesn’t want the sites to have all of his personal information. Not to mention, the sites have limitations on what can be uploaded as well.

A few months ago, there was a family reunion for my family, and everyone took a lot of pictures. My father uploaded all of the pictures that we took and put them on the VPS for everyone to see. Most of the people in our family didn’t know how to use the VPS, because they weren’t reallytechsavvy, but their kids were able to figure it out. My father used an expensive camera to take his pictures, so he had a lot of uncompressed photos with huge file sizes. Everyone who downloaded the pictures thought they had been taken by a professional photographer.

My father also put videos from the family reunion on the VPS as well. He uploaded enough files to fill an entire Blu-Ray disc. One of my cousins does film editing and he downloaded the videos and spliced them together to make a video that he uploaded to the VPS. It was a well edited video and it was pretty touching. Thinking about all of the people who came to the reunion and how much fun we had really brought a tear to my eye. It’s a good thing we can share these moments for years to come.

It Never Hurts to Look

Looking for a new apartment can be hard, there’s tons of information out there and some places are just down right terrible. You have to try to find a place that is as good for you as you are for it. Some of the places out there offer great rates, but they’re in terrible areas so it’s not really worth it. I know that when I’m renting an apartment I look for a nice safe area with an affordable rate. I know that a lot of people out there are scared to approach people but get info now so that you don’t have to do it last minute when your contract with your current place runs out. I know that is what I would do and I suggest everyone else does that. Always have options in mind just incase something happens and you have to move. It doesn’t hurt to ask them what their rates or specials are.

Hey, if you’re like me you didn’t even know that you wanted to get a new apartment until you found one. I was just looking around keeping my options open and I found a great three bedroom that was cheaper than my one bedroom. The thing is that it was right down the street, I didn’t even have to move my stuff very far, I just walked it to the new house. Not everyone can get this good of a deal, but if you can it would be great. It never hurts to look and keep an open mind about new places that you might end up living. Always have a backup plan as well in case the negotiations with your main plan fall through. It’s really important that you don’t ignore that part, I know a lot of people that have gotten bit for that.

Internet Services and Deals from Suddenlink

Suddenlink Selects NetCracker for Customer Management and CRM ...I am thinking about getting a new internet service provider, because I am not very thrilled with the way that my old internet service provider has been treating me, and it is like they kind of just assume that I am going to stick around and be their customer, regardless of the way that they treat me. Well, I’m not going to stand for this nonsense no more. I am going to talk to Suddenlink and see what sort of prices they have for their internet, because if they want to give me a decent connection for a fair price, then I would be more than happy to jump on board with them, and to leave my old provider behind in the dust.

They have some deals that I am looking at right now, and to be honest, some of these deals look like they would work for me. I need to figure out something soon though, because I can’t have it that I would be without internet for too long, because I am trying to make my own website right now, and I do not want to have deal with loss of internet connection.

I update the site on a regular basis, and it is a cooking site. I am making a lot of recipes right now, testing them out, taping me making the recipes, and all sorts of fun stuff like that. It should be a good website, and I will be proud of it, when it is done, regardless of how it turns out in terms of the number of people that will use it. But I am cautiously optimistic that it will also be a pretty popular website once everything is said and done. I do not intend to give up on this project until the end.

I Am Looking for Special Touches for My Wedding

I just turned 38 years old last January. My age is significant because I am someone who chose to not marry in my twenties, and I just got engaged this year. All of my friends did marry that young. But I saw how many of them were still not fully mature yet, so their marriages struggled. At least 50 percent of my friends ended up divorced by the time they were 30. So, I waited for the right person. Mom said that we should do some special touches, such as getting ketubahs and more for my wedding. I had never heard of them before, and told her I would look into it when I had more time to do so. My wedding day is 11 months from now, and mom said that it really takes at least 12 months to plan a big wedding, so the pressure is already on.

The first thing mom and I began to work on is the number of people I would be inviting to my wedding. I stated up front that I really did not want a huge wedding. I would prefer to keep the number of guests around 30 people at most. I immediately got to work on the guest list. But that she still wanted this wedding to be special and said that I needed to start looking at specialty items for the wedding as soon as I was done.

I figured I would multi-task, so while I worked on the invite list, I looked up the ketubahs that my mother said I should get. I found them online and they are beautiful! Simply put, they are handcrafted agreements that go into a frame and the text on them lays out the bride and groom’s responsibilities to one another throughout their marriage.

Ketubahs are finely crafted prenuptial agreements that state what the groom’s obligations, responsibilities, and rights will be in terms of his marital relationship to his wife. They represent the commitment that each partner is making in a marriage, and represent a promise that the spouses will abide by the words within. They are so pretty that I found myself wanting to hurry with the guest list so that I could begin working on what I wanted our handmade agreement to look like!

I Needed the Help of Roofing Pros Quickly

I bought small building in a nearby building about six months ago. I plan to run a convenience store out of it. I have always wanted to be my very own boss. I had someone appraise the praise before I purchased it, and he said that the owner would find someone to do roof installation in NYC for me prior to my agreeing to buy the place. When the work was done, I was told everything was fine, and then I rushed to put in my offer on the building. When I became the owner, that was the happiest day of my life.

After being handed the keys to the place, I spent about three weeks getting the place cleaned up. I needed to save as much money as possible, so rather than paying a commercial cleaning company to do it, I did everything myself. When I finally finished the job, I was exhausted.

When the roof started leaking just a couple of weeks later, I was not amused. I had been told the work up there had been done and there was nothing to worry about. But come to find out, the previous owner didn’t have an expert do the work. He did the work himself! He obviously did not do a good job. Of course, I would need to see what sort of recourse I had, but in the meantime, I also needed to do something about getting my roof fixed immediately. I could work out what sort of compensation was necessary from the previous owner afterward.

After making quite a number of calls last Saturday morning, I then had some quotes to look over. I chose the place that had a lot of great reviews online, and they go everything fixed for me quickly. They also pointed out just how little the owner did to actually fix the roof. They fixed everything that he did not. Luckily, ther are pros around that can fix what other people do incorrectly.