Trying to Make Some Money for College

I have been doing my best to get some money together before I go to school. I am going to start at City College in the Spring and when I get there I want to get a good start on it. That means I want to be able to concentrate on class and not have to work some crap job while I am at school. Right now I am doing a couple of things, I am helping out this house cleaner in Westchester county NY. She has her own house cleaning and apartment cleaning business, but she gets me to do the stuff that she does not want to. That means that I do windows. I have learned how to do a few jobs like that quite well. Of course I do not care much for scrubbing toilets, but that is one of the other things she gets me to do. It is one of those things where you take a job even though you do not want it.

I have a part time job working at a coffee shop and that actually pays pretty decent some of the time. It is not the wages that you make for sure. Instead if you are lucky you make good money in tips. It depends a lot on whether or not they are busy when I get my hours and whether or not you get people who are generous with their tips. There is this one guy who comes in all of the time and he must be rich. He always gets a paper and a coffee. He eats a pastry some of the time, he reads his paper and then he leaves a 20 and walks away before we give him the bill. You hope that there is a table in your section for him.